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New for 2018. Enhanced formula for a better protein absorption. Economic package 600g. This protein is a quick breakfast or a snack ready in a minute. It is also suitable...

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New for 2018. Exotic taste of mango and raspberries. Excellent choice for a healthy and quick breakfast. Economic package 600g. Smoothie is a quick breakfast or a snack...

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Economic package 600g. Fit day Superfood is a premium healthy breakfast or snack full of antioxidants prepared in a minute to keep you full and satisfied. This smoothie is...

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Healthy lifestyle products! 

Are you in a hurry to work in the morning? Are you going on a long journey by car? Don't you have breakfast? You're in the right place. Always Healthy and Always 24/7!


At Fit-day we develop healthy lifestyle products. Fit-day is a full-fledged protein replacement for everyone who wants to save time and money. Preparing drinks, cocktails, cakes, and mashes is really easy and takes a few minutes. Just the best natural ingredients, easily digested and full of performance.





What raw materials do we use?

All raw materials we process in Fit-day are subject to strict controls. Protein is extracted from peas and rice, from fruit we process almost everything from apples to exotic maracuja. Our smoothies are made from real fruit without added sugar. We only select the best ingredients to make our products the best.




Our goal

Our goal at Fit-day is to bring the perfect formula of vegetable protein to partially replace your daily protein intake. One needs about 1g of protein per 1kg of weight each day. So a 50kg woman needs 50g of protein. In Fit-day products, you will find 12-24g of protein per serving, which means almost 50% of your daily protein intake per drink.


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Saving nature

Consuming vegetable proteins saves the planet. For every 1 kg of consumed vegetable protein from Fit-day to 1 kg of consumed animal protein, we save 50-150 liters of water and also save feed (which is needed to feed the farm). In 2018, we saved over a million liters of water on our planet.


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Our vision

The future of us and our children is important, and that's why we work on vegetable protein replacements for professional and everyday use at Fit-day. Our planet is not inflatable, and so there is a need to develop products that in part replace the consumption of animal protein and not burden the environment so much. Our vision is a world that consumes more plant food and thus is more enjoyable, with a better environment. A better world for all.


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Jakub a Jitka - founders of Fit-day




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