Natural Cocoa Powder without Added Sugars and Chemicals

When creating our products, we haven’t forgotten to add chocolate. This ingredient isn’t important only for its sweet taste, but especially for its health benefits.

The family chocolate factory

The story of our chocolate, or more precisely cocoa, begins in the family chocolate factory in Troubelice. It’s a small village near the town of Olomouc, Czechia, where the cocoa beans are processed in the most gentle way, without added sugars and chemicals. Since the first cocoa was imported here already in 2010, today they’re reckoned to be true experts in the chocolate-making business. The cocoa beans come from Ecuador, which is one of the best known and highest quality exporters of this ingredient worldwide. 

A family member representative of the Troubelice chocolate factory has been living in Ecuador for more than 40 years, ensuring contact with local farmers, supervising the proper way of growing cocoa trees, harvesting, packaging, and loading and unloading of the goods. Cocoa beans are then transported to the Czech republic by ship to be further processed.

Areas where cocoa is grown:

Esmeraldas, Manabí, Los Ríos, Azuay, Bolívar, Guayas, Santa Elena, Loja, Sucumbíos, Napo, Orellana


Cocoa bean, cocoa powder, chocolate - Fit-day 

Processing of cocoa powder

The traditional production of cocoa starts with the processing of beans. First, they’re peeled and allowed to ferment for two to seven days at a temperature in the range of 38-50°C. Afterward, the beans are roasted and ground into a paste, which is pressed to produce cocoa butter and dry cocoa solids. With the crushing and grinding during the final stage of production, natural cocoa powder is obtained. 

However, in Troubelice, no such techniques are used. The family chocolate factory is unique for not exposing their cocoa beans to high temperatures during their roasting. This preserves all the health-promoting substances, especially flavonoids, which have a high antioxidant effect.

Much more than a sweet treat

  • Rich in lots of minerals and vitamins, including magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, copper, zinc, or manganese. Unroasted cocoa is also a very valuable source of organic sulfur which is needed for the production of proteins, enzymes, or connective tissues. It contains healthy, saturated fats, which are beneficial for the body and don’t increase cholesterol levels at the same time.
  • Cocoa beans are famous for their antidepressant effects. Thanks to the content of dopamine and serotonin, they have a positive impact on mental health and mood.
  • Being rich in antioxidants, cocoa may be much more health beneficial than some other superfoods. The cocoa’s content of flavonoids is actually higher compared to red grapes, green tea, or even blueberries.
  • Consumption of cocoa drinks dilates blood vessels and bronchial tubes, thus helping asthmatics and during colds.
  • A great boost for your organism thanks to the content of iron and caffeine.


Chocolate protein drink Fit-day


Cocoa is a great ingredient that should not be missing in any household. It’s full of beneficial substances that nourish your body and boost your performance.

You can now enjoy the premium quality cocoa powder in our drinks. Whether in Fit-day smoothie banana-chocolate or protein premium chocolate.

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