The Hidden Power of Pea Protein

This ingredient is typical mainly for Czech traditional cuisine, however, its potential is much bigger. We talk about peas, more precisely pea protein powder. It’s obtained from ripe pea seeds, thus from one of the nutrient-dense legumes.

Probably everyone who has visited the Czech republic or another Central European country has tasted pea soup at least once. Another dish, this time also typical for traditional British cuisine, serving as another example of the gastronomical use of peas, would be pease pudding, known as pease porridge as well. Nevertheless, most likely only a few have thought of using peas to boost their performance or during a weight-loss program. The opposite is, however, true - pea protein is rich in valuable nutrients essential for your body functioning.


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Plant-based proteins are generally sought after especially by vegetarians who lack protein in their diet and would have to eat large amounts of food to get rid of hunger. Protein consumption induces satiety and makes it easier to compile a diet. However, not only devotees of a plant-based diet can benefit from the consumption of this pea protein powder, it’s suitable for allergy sufferers and all individuals with dietary restrictions. Thanks to its low genetic modification, pea retain its original structure with minimal allergenic effects.

Even though plant-based protein isn’t as much popular as for example whey protein, there are plenty of reasons to choose peas, such as the numerous health benefits.

Health benefits

Fighting high blood pressure

Pea protein powder isn't valuable only for its high concentration of proteins but also for its positive effects on the human circulatory system. Thanks to the content of the amino acid arginine, which increases blood vessel elasticity and blood flow, peas help to reduce blood pressure and keep it at a healthy level. 

Based on scientific studies, it’s been shown that consumption of pea protein combined with other types of proteins leads to a significant blood pressure reduction.

Peas and diabetes

Blood circulation isn’t the only area of the body that is positively affected by pea protein. It’s effective in lowering high blood sugar. This can be appreciated especially by individuals with diabetes and pancreatic dysfunction. A 2014 scientific study has proved that enriching your diet regularly even with a small amount of pea protein effectively lowers blood sugar levels, thus helping to control diseases.

Muscle mass growth when on a plant-based diet

One of the main reasons for using pea protein isolate is supporting the growth of muscle mass and the performance boost. Being fully plant-based with the content of branched-chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine), which support the regeneration and growth of muscle mass, it’s perfect as a dietary supplement during a workout.

There has been a study to test the effectiveness of pea protein in which 161 men have taken a part in. They've completed regular workout for 12 weeks while consuming 50 grams of plant protein a day. According to the results, the growth of muscle mass has been similar to when consuming the same amount of animal protein.


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Effective slimming with plant-based protein

You don’t have to be a professional athlete or a sports enthusiast to fully use the potential of pea protein powder. Plant-based protein is very effective when fighting overweight and obesity. Furthermore, it can be easily absorbed and, it speeds up metabolism and suppresses one’s appetite to avoid overeating. By adding at least 15 g of pea isolate to dishes, protein shakes, or smoothies, the body is saturated much faster than when consuming animal protein. In addition, without artificial sweeteners nor flavourings.

Peas and rice as a perfectly balanced combo

Pea protein is rich in amino acids which are beneficial for muscle growth. However, some substances essential for optimal nutrition are missing. To overcome this issue, it’s ideal to combine peas with rice protein. Both plant-based proteins can replace the lack of amino acids, meaning they’re the perfect match to boost your performance.

In our products, you can find a high concentration of both pea and rice protein to ensure perfect nutrition.

Pea protein powder production

There are two phases of the manufacturing process. The first phase, known as a dry process, includes the mechanical removal of the outer shell of the pea. Afterward, the peas go through grinding to form a fine powder rich in protein, starch, and fiber.

During the second phase - a liquid one - peas are mixed with water and the protein is separated from other substances by filtration. The filtered mixture is called a pea protein isolate.

The isolate is defined by a protein content of about 85 to 90 %, which makes it a highly effective dietary supplement.


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Protein powder and its usage

Pea protein powder can be used in many ways. Thanks to its numerous benefits and neutral taste, it can be added to a variety of dishes. Whether you’re preparing quick breakfast in the morning or a smoothie for an afternoon snack or you just enjoy healthy baking recipes.

It’s ideal to enrich your meal with about 30 grams of protein powder, which provides your body with 25 grams of protein.

Plant-based protein serves as a great supplement to a normal balanced diet. Its consumption can reduce your sugar cravings. You don't have to be a vegan or a vegetarian to benefit from its effects. It’s suitable as a hearty breakfast, prevention of various diseases, but also as an energy booster during demanding physical activities. Plant-based protein is easily absorbed and thus not adding an extra burden on your body’s metabolism. Overall, it’s great for all those who want to ease their body, and boost their performance level at the same time.

Would you like to try pea protein powder? Discover Fit-day online shop to find a wide range of highest quality products containing plant-based protein powders. Furthermore, our pea protein powder is micronized, thus with a significantly increased absorption rate. 

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