The Unique Process of Lyophilization or Freeze-drying

What is meant by lyophilization?

The term itself means freeze-drying. The technique, which originated during the Second World War, was then used to preserve blood serum. Since then, the process of lyophilization has come a long way and today you can enjoy the great taste of fruit in our drinks.

Traditional way

During the standard technique of food preservation, the warm air is used to dry the fruit and therefore preserve it perfectly. That itself is a time-proven natural way to increase the shelf-life, however, there are some downsides.

Using this method, the fruit has no longer its original rich taste, it changes its shape and loses most of its nutrients. Such a product has to be post-sweetened to obtain an acceptable taste. At this stage, we can hardly talk about a natural product.




Preservation by freezing

Freeze-drying isn’t a very well known method among the population, nevertheless widely used today. Compared to a traditional technique, lyophilization differs fundamentally. 

The first step is to freeze the fruit at -80 °C, then it’s dried. First in a vacuum, where due to the lower pressure most of the water evaporates in the form of steam hence the fruit loses almost all its water. The second phase combines raising the temperature and gradually lowering the vacuum, which ensures the fruit's original shape and taste.

As a result, the fruit retains the same nutritional value and taste but with significantly prolonged shelf-life.  

Mouth-watering smoothie

Ready to taste the difference? Try our Fit-day smoothie Long-life with lyophilized acai berries, cranberries, and blueberries. It’s full of nutrients and natural ingredients, enriched with a daily dose of vitamin C thanks to the content of acerola fruits.


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