Coconut drink

For a long time we’ve been working on a drink that has a full taste, but at the same time remains healthy and full of nutrition. Now it’s the time we can proudly introduce you to our Fit-day Coconut drinks product line, offering a unique combination of the delicious taste of lyophilized fruit and plant-based milk.

They're ideal for anyone who wants to get rid of hunger, needs a full dose of protein, or just craves something tasty. Our products are free of animal-derived ingredients, therefore they’re not only suitable for vegetarians and vegans, but also for individuals who suffer from lactose intolerance.

Give your body the right portion of nutrition that tastes great. Suitable to support your performance or as an afternoon snack.

coconut drink banana 900g

The exotic combination of freeze-dried banana and coconut milk makes from our drink a delicious snack, rich in protein and suitable anytime and anywhere.

Code: 968
coconut drink chocolate 900g

Chocolate cocktail with a protein content of up to 41%. It provides a pleasant feeling of satiety, and thanks to Ecuadorian cocoa beans, the taste is great. Ideal as a quick...

Code: 1124
protein iced coffee 900g

Can’t you imagine starting the day without a cup of coffee? Then you’ll definitely fall in love with our iced coffee cocktail with protein content. TIP: Tastes great on ice with...

Code: 1133
coconut drink strawberry 900g

Balanced cocktail with the content of fruit, protein, and nutrients. Give your body delicious strawberry drink that not only tastes great.

Code: 1130
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