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Healthy lifestyle products at its finest. Discover our range to find premium quality Protein powders and cakes, Smoothies, Coconut drinks, Weight loss & Detox programs, and much more.

shaker cerny

It’s functional, yet trendy. Fit-day shaker, a universal bottle for the preparation of our drinks and their easy consumption. Thanks to its successful and time-proven designs,...

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shaker ruzovy

Universal bottle for preparation of your drinks. Don’t miss the chance to get a shaker that will amaze you not only for its design but also for its functionality.

Code: 1139
shaker pruhledny

It’s never been easier to prepare your favourite protein drink. Shaker made only from high-quality components to ensure a perfect seal with a great design, ready to use wherever...

Code: 1136
1088 fit day kolac skoricovy

Our cakes ideal for breakfast, as a snack to pair with your coffee or at any time during the day. In addition, full of natural ingredients with a delicious taste.

Code: 1088
mugcake chocolate

Sweet, quick to prepare, yet made from healthy ingredients only. These are our cakes, ideal for breakfast, as a snack to pair with your coffee or at any time during the day.

Code: 881
Fit-day Pancake chocolate 600 g

Simple but made from healthy ingredients only. These are our pancakes, suitable for a quick breakfast, snack, or at any time during the day.

Code: 875
premium banana

Premium drink full of premium ingredients with a daily dose of vitamin B12 for enriching not only your plant-based diet. We’ve definitely not skimped on quality here.

Code: 1043
premium hazelnut

Micronized protein and full taste, enriched with the wholesome power of vitamin B12, which is a great substitute for animal protein. Discover premium quality with Fit-day.

Code: 1046
premium chocolate

Premium ingredients and delicate taste of chocolate. This is our protein drink, rich in micronized protein with a dose of vitamin B12, which perfectly substitutes the intake of...

Code: 1031
premium natural

Premium drink with a great taste containing the finest micronized protein. Enriched with vitamin B12, which is a great replacement for animal protein.

Code: 845
performance apple pie

Premium drink not only for professional athletes. Specially designed to improve performance and muscle growth. With Fit-day, gaining lean mass has never been easier. CONTAINS...

Code: 1058
performance banana

Drinks specially designed to grow muscle mass and maximize your performance. Not only for professional athletes. CONTAINS 33 G OF PROTEIN PER SERVING.

Code: 1052
performance coffee

Fit-day protein is designed for overcoming limits. Boost your performance and supply the body with proteins that will accelerate the growth and regeneration of your muscles....

Code: 1070
performance chocolate

Professional product line for professional athletes. Our protein drinks are specially developed to support muscle mass growth and take your performance to the next level....

Code: 854
performance strawberry

At Fit-day we’ve been also thinking of professionals. Support the growth and regeneration of your muscles with our micronized protein. CONTAINS 33 G OF PROTEIN PER SERVING.

Code: 1067
performance vanilla

Kick-off your performance with Fit-day. A well-balanced drink with all amino acids will help you to build muscles and make it easier to achieve your goals. CONTAINS 33 G OF...

Code: 1061
active cookie

Drink full of micronized protein, enriched with delicious coconut milk and rice syrup. You can’t say no to energy and unique taste that Fit-day drinks offer.

Code: 1085
active cheesecake

Supply your body with proteins with our specially designed drink. It’s full of micronized protein, rice syrup, and coconut milk. Simply a great combination with a unique taste.

Code: 869
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