Protein diet super slim for 40 days

Protein diet for 40 days - 3 servings a day

Fit day protein is a quick breakfast or a snack ready in a minute to keep you full and satisfied. This drink is also suitable for athletes before and after physical exercise to supply you with the highest quality protein. The bundle contains these flavors - 4x chocolate 600g, 2x natural 600g. 

60 servings - last 2 months
Fast breakfast - 1 minute preparation
Fitness breakfast - also suitable for athletes
Suitable for a protein diet
100% Natural I 0% Chemicals I 0% Lactose, soya or added sugar 

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The best combination of Plant-based proteins of the highest quality

Fit-day® plant based protein combines proteins from peas and rice and together they make the ideal combination so that you get all the essential amino-acids in one scoop. It helps your muscles and your body with recovery, metabolism and lean muscle growth. Fit-day protein is ideal as an addition to your smoothies, breakfast and post workout drinks for the whole family. It provides long-term feeling of satiety, and is digestible easily.

We designed Fit-day® protein for you, so that you can make your workout and life more efficient.


4 × Chocolate protein 600g
2 × Natural protein 600g



- Drink plenty of water (2-3 liters per day)

- Avoid alcohol (to any extent)

- Do not eat sweets and snacks (chips, cakes, nuts containing oil and salt, etc.)

- Sleep, sleep, sleep (7-8 hours)

- If you consume coffee - we recommend reducing it to 1 cup a day (no sugar)

- Reduce any intake of sweet and carbonated beverages



- Protein drinks are ideal anytime during the day. The best is when you do not have much time to prepare food and you are in a hurry. The preparation is very simple. Just mix two scoops with water in a shaker and you're ready to go.

- It is suitable as a snack in the morning, afternoon and after dinner.

- One serving  will satiate you for 2-3 hours and will give you a feeling of fullness.



It's easy. Just choose one of our packages for 20 or 40 days and you can start within 48 hours.


Weight loss guidelines

Avoid preparing meat, tofu, fish in oil and rather steam it or prepare it in the oven.
Reduce the intake of dairy products to a minimum (Fit-day is plant based so it is best absorbed with plant milks like almond, coconut or rice milk)
Instead of adding oil or dressing to your salad use lemon dressing juice  with herbs and cut some avocado.
When you crave something sweet - eat one peace of fruit (banana, berries, pineapple)
Legumes, vegetables of all kinds, rice, high quality protein, salt-free nuts (max 50g daily), herbs, fresh fruit and vegetable juices are permitted.


When you reach your ideal weight, what to do to maintain it?

Check your daily intake of unhealthy fats and avoid them (chips, cakes, nuts containing oil and salt, etc.)
Whenever you have the opportunity to walk the stairs do not use a lift, for 1-2 km choose to walk instead of using a buss or a car - you will feel better and you will do something for your body and save the environment.
3 times a week drink one serving of your Fit-day protein shake at any time of the day, or have one day full of protein with three servings.

Made in Czech Republic.

Fit-day does not contain flavors, artificial sweeteners, flavor enhancers, stabilizers, added sugar, or any so-called chemical moieties.

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