Our Story

He was a banker and she was a health food lover. Jakub, who was daily commuting tens of kilometers to work, didn’t have enough time to eat properly, which led to unhealthy eating habits and weight gain. With Jitka’s long-lasting interest in a healthy lifestyle, the young couple decided to make a change. However, in pursuit of a balanced diet, they would constantly come across chemically processed foods. As soon as they’ve found their search for a perfect product, both nutritious and of natural origin, would always have no effect, it was the time to follow their own path.

Adopting a vegan lifestyle, the couple has become particularly interested in plant-based proteins but the availability was a problem. At last, however, they succeeded and began making their own quality breakfasts and snacks, rich in nutrients and plant-based proteins. Constant thinking about the composition of their diet and looking for new healthy alternatives lead to the desire to share the knowledge with others.

The year 2012 was thus a big one, marked by the hard beginnings of running own business and manufacturing own products. Eventually, the idea of Fit-day became reality and the determined couple has begun to walk their way towards success.


Jakub and Jitka from Fit-day


It’s been a while since humble beginnings, when Jitka and Jakub would spend days and nights testing new combinations of ingredients, designing product labels, and shipping your orders. Now you can find already successful entrepreneurs in the reconstructed premises of an old factory built in years 1921-1922, surrounded by forests. Although Fit-day distributes products to more than 18 countries around the world, we haven’t lost our enthusiasm nor the highest quality standards.

And what are we up to today? The biggest change is the introduction of revolutionary micronized protein, enhanced formula, and even a wider range of flavours. Our products won’t only be tastier, but also comparable to animal proteins. In short, you have something to look forward to.

With Fit-day, we’ve made our dream come true and we believe, that our products can help you to fulfill yours.

Jitka & Jakub 


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