Our story

Jitka was always interested in healthy living and giving the body the best. Thanks to available research and studies she has learned about all the problems in the food industry. Lots of chemicals, genetically modified raw materials, excess refined sugar and unhealthy fats on every label in the supermarket. At that time her husband Jakub decided to quit his job at a bank. As they both wanted something healthy, quick and nutritious, they started looking for the perfect product. The think was they could not find it so they decided to create it them selves. The more time they both devoted to a healthy diet, the more they loved it. 

During this time they also became vegan and because they loved going to the gym, they found out that it is also important to eat the right foods that are easily digestible. How essential and important it is to have enough protein and carbohydrates, of course taken from proper sources. Their interest was drawn to plant proteins and raw materials coming purely from nature. So they started creating the best form of breakfast or snack. Breakfast was the most important part of the day for them. In the morning, it's ideal to recharge the body with the right ingredients, vitamins and minerals. It took almost a year to find all the ingredients to create something super natural. 

fit-day Molnár

 It was spring of 2012 when they looked at a shelf in the supermarket and said: "Wouldn't it be nice to find our products here?" "Wouldn't it be wonderful to share our products with others?" The idea became reality although their family was a little skeptical at first, and they did not believe that people wanted to eat healthier. There were obstacles, especially financial ones but eventually they managed to convince everyone, including the bank, and Jakub and Jitka put everything into their idea. They bought an old factory in the middle of nature surrounded by woods. All day and night they designed labels and created the perfect combination of different ingredients to create the perfect products. They found a supplier of raw materials that met their quality requirements. Then all the technical things were approved and they started production. Over time more people have been involved in the project, even everyone in the family. The idea of ​​FIT-DAY has become real and has gradually begun to spread. Today Fit-day products can be found in 18 countries around the world.

We are working every day to find new ingredients, raw materials and invent new products to give you the best of nature. We strive to develop the best products so you can feel your best. We thank you for all your emails, questions and support.


Thank you.
Jakub and Jitka