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Are you craving something really special? Try our protein cake with crunchy freeze-dried raspberries and the rich taste of dark chocolate, ready in just two minutes.

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What is Fit-day Mugcake?

A fluffy, high-protein dessert full of premium quality ingredients. For a real fruit flavour, in the dessert you'll find freeze-dried raspberries. Thanks to this gentle processing method, the fruit retains not only its authentic taste, aroma and colour evoking freshness, but also its nutrient content. In addition, the raspberries contrast beautifully with the pieces of dark chocolate chips that melt during baking. This combination is simply irresistible.

Why you should choose Mugcake?

The easiest way to treat yourself to a tasty breakfast or snack that gives your body everything it needs. Effortless preparation saves time – just blend the pre-made mixture with water in a mug, pop it in the microwave and within two minutes you can enjoy a hot and fragrant dessert.

The gluten-free oatmeal enriches the mugcake with fiber whilst the rice syrup powder takes care of the long-lasting energy boost. Moreover, you'll find more than 9 grams of special plant-based micronized protein with a high absorption rate in each serving. 

The production process

All of our production takes place in a small village surrounded by forests near the town of Olomouc, Czechia, where we create the highest quality products with a touch of special care.

Who should choose Mugcake?

The perfect choice for all athletes and healthy living individuals who enjoy a sweet start to the day or struggle to find time to prepare a quality breakfast or snack. All-natural ingredients will thrill also those who appreciate a quality product without artificial additives and allergens such as lactose, gluten or soy.


Contains egg white.

Suggested use:

  • quality breakfast rich in nutrients
  • a quick snack at any time of the day
  • a sweet treat after a tough workout

TIP: the mixture can also be prepared in the oven in a silicone muffin pan, which is particularly useful for larger parties. If desired, you can garnish the mugcake with fresh fruit, jam or honey.

Ingredients: 18 % dark 60% vegan chocolate from Peru (cocoa mass from Peru, sugar), oatmeal, 17 % rice syrup powder, egg white powder, 9 % freeze-dried raspberries, coconut milk powder, 7 % banana powder (banana puree, rice flour), 6 % micronized pea protein isolate, baking powder (cream of tartar, corn starch organic, baking soda), natural flavours, steviol-glycosides.

The package contains 20 servings and includes a measuring scoop, which you can also add to your cart separately.

Not sure how to prepare a mugcake? Click here.


EN: Nutrition facts per: 100 g serving (45 g)
Energy value 1780 kJ
422 kcal
801 kJ
190 kcal
Total fat 14,1 g 6,4 g
- saturated fatty acids 8,8 g 4,0 g
- monounsaturated fatty acids 0,1 g 0,0 g
- polyunsaturated fatty acids 0,3 g 0,2 g
Total carbohydrate 48,5 g 21,9 g
- sugars 21,8 g 9,8 g
Dietary fiber 3,4 g 1,5 g
Protein 21,5 g 9,7 g
Salt 0,3 g 0,2 g

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