Fit-day Protein Performance apple pie

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With a unique plant-based drink high in revolutionary micronized pea protein and BCAA amino acids you won't miss any workout ever again. The apple pie flavour with a hint of cinnamon will delight everyone who loves a sweet treat.


Detailed information

Product detailed description


What is Fit-day protein Performance?

The first choice for every athlete who won't stop at any challenge and knows that the best results require not only hard work but also the best nutrition. Thanks to the balanced ratio of ingredients, with each serving of the drink you'll supply 33 grams of high-quality plant-based protein and 6.5 grams of BCAA amino acids to support performance and post-workout recovery.

Why you should choose protein Performance?

We've designed this special pre-workout protein for maximum effectiveness in fitness and all strength sports. To actively support muscle mass building and maintenance, the shake has the highest protein content of any of our products (up to 75 %), further enhanced through a micronization process that results in a higher absorption rate and smoother consistency. All natural, allergen-free ingredients don't burden the body and guarantee an authentic taste without the use of artificial additives.

Whether you're a professional or amateur athlete, with our vegan protein line Performance offering complete amino acid spectrum, you'll never compromise.

What is the role of rice syrup?

Rice syrup powder doesn't primarily serve as a sweetener in our protein drinks, but acts as a long-chain carbohydrate – similar to oatmeal, for example. As a result, you can enjoy a lasting feeling of satiety and a gradual release of energy. What's more, at 100 % carbohydrate, rice syrup contains only 15 % sugar, which is used up by the body in the distribution of protein to the muscles.

The production process

All of our production takes place in a small village surrounded by forests near the town of Olomouc, Czechia, where we create the highest quality products with a touch of special care.

Who should choose protein Performance?

Our drinks are suitable for all those for whom the gym is a second home and are always looking for ways to improve their performance, but also for those who are seeking a change in the form of quality natural fuel. With zero lactose, soy and gluten content, anyone can take a sip.


Does not contain any of the declarable allergens.

Suggested use:

  • pre-workout shake – energy boost, promotion of both muscle mass building and recovery
  • enriching breakfast porridges and fresh smoothies

Ingredients: 77 % micronized pea protein isolate, rice protein isolate organic, rice syrup powder, natural flavours, 1 % cinnamon powder, guar gum, steviol-glycosides.

Servings per container (serving size = 45 g):

  • 135 g package – 3 servings
  • 900 g package – 20 servings
  • 1 800 g package – 40 servings

The 900 g package includes a measuring scoop, which you can also add to your cart separately.

Not sure how to prepare a shake? Click here.


EN: Nutrition facts per: 100 g serving (45 g)
Energy value 1733 kJ
411 kcal
780 kJ
185 kcal
Total fat 8,1 g 3,6 g
- saturated fatty acids 1,9 g 0,9 g
- monounsaturated fatty acids 0,8 g 0,3 g
- polyunsaturated fatty acids 4,2 g 1,9 g
Total carbohydrate 11,6 g 5,2 g
- sugars 2,9 g 1,3 g
Dietary fiber 3,1 g 1,4 g
Protein 74,3 g 33,4 g
Salt 1 g 0,5 g

Additional parameters

Category: Protein
Warranty: 1 year
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