Fit-day Shaker green 500 + 150 ml

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Try our unique dual-chamber shaker with a detachable compartment for a dose of protein powder, so you can enjoy a fresh shake anytime, anywhere.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

What is Fit-day shaker?

500 ml shaker with a 150 ml detachable compartment for a dose of protein powder, dietary supplements (e.g. vitamins) or even gym keys, designed specifically for our product range. All you need to do is fill the shaker with protein or smoothie powder, add some water, shake it up and your high-quality breakfast or snack is ready immediately. Moreover, the shaker can also be used as a water bottle.

Since the lid is leak-proof, you can easily rely on the shaker. Feel free to toss it in your bag with your work stuff or clean gym clothes. The liquid always stays where it's supposed to.

Why you should choose the shaker?

It fits perfectly in the hand and is comfortable to drink from – even on a treadmill or on a bike. The textured strainer prevents unpleasant lumps in the drink and ensures a creamy consistency. In addition, our shakers are available in several colour options so that everyone can choose.

The benefits of our shakers in a few points:

  • leak-proof lid
  • high quality and health-safe materials (BPA and DEHP free)
  • odour resistant
  • textured strainer for perfect shake consistency without lumps
  • microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe
  • suitable for all types of beverages

Who should choose the shaker?

It's perfect not only for athletes looking for a quality accessory and a way to upgrade their training.

Additional parameters

Category: Shakers
Warranty: 1 year
Weight: 0.12 kg
Vytvořil Shoptet | Design

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