Fruit explosion smoothie combined with high-quality protein, ready to serve within a moment. The preparation is really quick, no more worrying about dirty dishes, chopping fruit, or cleaning up the mixer. We’ve prepared everything for you to save your time. The biggest advantage of our protein smoothie is, however the content of micronized protein.

When creating our fruit drinks, we’ve been also thinking of all the moms who often don’t have time to prepare their own breakfast, when taking care of their children. To save as much time as possible, but also to supply the body with necessary energy and proteins, we’ve developed a delicious smoothie without time-consuming preparation.

In our range, you can find vegetable smoothies as well.

smoothie banana coconut

Experience the exotic taste in every single sip. Our smoothie with coconut milk tastes great and bursts with energy. Newly enriched with acerola fruits, which provides the body...

Code: 1094
smoothie banana chocolate

Chocolate and banana make an amazing combination for a quality breakfast, which provides a pleasant feeling of satiety and tastes great. Now with the added content of exotic...

Code: 887
smoothie chia mango

Smoothie full of aromatic mango complemented by chia seeds in organic quality. Now also with the content of the fruit acerola, which supplies the recommended daily dose of...

Code: 1112
smoothie long life

Fruit cocktail full of juicy blueberries, cranberries, and acai. Now in each serving also with the recommended daily dose of vitamin C, thanks to the content of acerola fruits....

Code: 1109
smoothie mango berry

The rich taste of mango and subtle sweetness of forest raspberry. Our combination will please not only all those who have a sweet tooth. In addition, thanks to the acerola fruit...

Code: 950
smoothie matcha lime

Matcha and lime create the new refreshing combo you’ll enjoy not only in summer but whenever you’ll need a proper boost. In addition to the natural stimulating effect of green...

Code: 1103
smoothie spinach banana

We’ve combined the pleasant taste of banana with spinach to introduce the vegetable option of our quality breakfast or a quick snack. Now with the added content of acerola...

Code: 893
smoothie strawberry chocolate

Enjoy the luxurious taste of strawberries in chocolate in our smoothie. Thanks to the new combination of ingredients, it also provides the body with the recommended daily dose...

Code: 1100
smoothie strawberry vanilla

Delicate vanilla shouldn't be missing in our smoothies. That is why you can enjoy it in a new combination with juicy strawberries, which makes sipping our drink a real pleasure....

Code: 1106
smoothie detox

Vegetable cocktail specially designed for the days which are all about detox and taking care of your health. Now with the addition of acerola fruits, which with each serving...

Code: 1118
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