Fit-day Superfood GOJI-PASSION 90g

Travel package 90g. Fit day Superfood is a premium healthy breakfast or snack full of antioxidants prepared in a minute to keep you full and satisfied. You can enjoy an exotic taste of goji berries and passion fruit.

3 servings - perfect on the go
Fast breakfast - 1 minute preparation
Fitness breakfast - also suitable for athletes
Suitable for a diet
100% Natural I 0% Chemicals I 0% Lactose, soya or added sugar 

Code: 99
Brand: Fit-day
Category: Superfood smoothie
Warranty: 1 year
Weight: 0.7 kg

Feel the power of antioxidants! Fit-day superfood Goji-passion combines the power of goji berries wit the delicious and exotic passion fruit so that you nourish your body with antioxidants and get the right amount of sweetness at the same time. It is designed to boost your energy, metabolism and give you the nutrition your body needs. You don't have to worry about adding protein to your smoothies, we already did this for you. Fit-day superfood smoothie is a combination of plant based proteins from peas and rice with 100% dried fruit. It is the perfect breakfast, post workout drink or snack for the whole family. It keeps you full, energized and satisfied LONGER. Thanks to the protein content it helps your muscles and your body with recovery and lean muscle growth. 

We designed Fit-day® superfood smoothie for you, so that you can feel energized all day long and make your life more efficient.

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51% fruit blend (dried wolfberry fruit, banana dried (banana purée, rice flour), dried pear, maracuja dried), pea protein isolate, rice protein isolate, guar gum, sea salt.