Make your smoothie, porridge, or protein shake even more special with our superfoods adds-in. They can offer unique qualities that will boost you with energy, strengthen your immune system, and improve digestion. At the Fit-day online shop, you can find not only great protein drinks or smoothies but also one-component protein powders, seeds, or barley grass and chlorella. Each superfood is unique for different reasons, so we believe that everyone can choose from our wide range of smoothie adds-in.

  • Delicious taste - each supplement has its specific flavor so everyone can be satisfied
  • Raw state - in unmodified form, thus retaining its unique nutrients and qualities
  • Ready to eat - suitable for immediate consumption, as a quick snack or as a supplement in a smoothie
superfood quinoa 100g

Meet quinoa. Seeds of Peruvian plant, full of nutrients and suitable not only for celiacs. You can enjoy them as a side dish - instead of rice, pasta, or potatoes.

Code: 932
superfood karob prasek 100g

Sweeten your life without feeling guilty. Our carob powder is great as a substitute for cocoa and contains a lot of nutrients. It’s ideal for smoothies, protein drinks, or even...

Code: 896
superfood kurkuma 100g

A touch of India in our superfoods. Organic quality turmeric with its specific taste is suitable as an aromatic spice to season your side dishes, salads, or steaks, but it can...

Code: 899
superfood konopna seminka 100g

You’ll fall in love with hemp seeds for their pleasant nutty taste, gentle harvest processing, and high nutrient content.

Code: 902
superfood chia seminka 100g

A natural ingredient with unique qualities, which should not be missing from your diet. Seeds full of nutrients are great not only for sports lovers but for anyone who wants to...

Code: 908
superfood alfalfa 100g

Superfood full of beneficial substances. This is our alfalfa, which should not be missing from your diet.

Code: 935
superfood baobab 100g

The fruits of one of the largest trees in the world processed into a powder full of nutrients. Try this natural probiotic with great qualities and easy absorption.

Code: 926
superfood mlady jecmen 100g

A natural source of nutrients suitable for anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle. Add barley grass powder to a smoothie or porridge to enrich your diet.

Code: 920
superfood moringa prasek 100g

Great dietary supplement, suitable for anyone who wants the best nutrition for their body.

Code: 911
superfood hrachový protein 100g

100% pea protein powder, without additives and flavours. Its natural origin and easy digestibility will get your attention. In addition, it’s rich in protein, therefore great...

Code: 914
superfood mlada psenice 100g

The young grass of the wheat plant, which is widely grown in fields, has also found its place in a healthy diet. This nutrient-rich cereal grass is sought-after mainly for its...

Code: 917
superfood maca 100g

An ancient plant from the Peruvian Andes, which you can now try and enjoy too. Thanks to the high content of calcium and iron, maca is a superfood that will boost your performance.

Code: 941
superfood spirulina 100g

Single-celled green alga surprising everyone with its unique qualities. Now you can have a first-hand experience of its benefits thanks to Fit-day spirulina powder.

Code: 938
superfood konopny protein 100g

An organic plant-based protein of highest-quality. Without lactose and gluten, protein powder is a great supplement for all sports enthusiasts.

Code: 905
superfood chlorella 80g

Have a first-hand experience of the surprising benefits of seaweed. With its excellent nutritional profile, chlorella gives you the best that nature has to offer. As an...

Code: 944
superfood lucuma 100g

Once called the Gold of the Incas, however today better known as lucuma. Yellow fleshy fruit, rich in beneficial nutrients. Thanks to its taste which combines tones of vanilla...

Code: 947
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