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Vegetable cocktail specially designed for the days which are all about detox and taking care of your health. Now with the addition of acerola fruits, which with each serving supplies the body with a daily dose of vitamin C.

Contains a mixture of superfoods:



Detailed information

Product detailed description

What is Fit-day smoothie?

Carefully balanced mixture for the detoxification process. With its superfood content and unique taste, detox becomes an experience to look forward to.

What are the reasons to buy Fit-day smoothie?

It’s perfect as a drink in the morning, but also as a cleansing cocktail to restore balance to the body and maintain good health. Detox drink rich in the content of superfoods and vitamin C with a unique taste will get your attention.

Manufacturing process

The entire process takes place in a small village surrounded by forests near the town of Olomouc, where we create the highest quality products with a touch of special care.

Fit-day Smoothie is suitable for:

All the detox lovers. Long-awaited proper body cleanse rich in superfoods content is finally here. Full of premium ingredients, creamy consistency, and unique taste.


It doesn’t contain any of the declarable allergens.

What types of vegetables can you find in our smoothie?

  • Spinach - Finely-ground green spinach powder. With a high proportion of nutrients.
  • Broccoli - Fast-growing annual plant native to the Mediterranean, sought-after not only for its impressive nutritional profile.

Mixture of superfoods

  • Chlorella - Single-celled green algae, rich in active substances.
  • Spirulina - Freshwater algae, which is one of the superfoods as well.
  • Baobab - Massive tropical tree with nut-like fruits. Rich in beneficial substances.
  • Barley grass - Barleygrass powder, made from the dried barley leaves, is a great source of active substances and thus classified as a superfood.
  • Wheatgrass - A plant with similar properties as barley grass. The only difference is in the taste, since the wheat may seem to have a more pleasant flavour.
  • Moringa - Nutrient-rich leaves of moringa can be consumed either fresh or dried and ground to powder.
  • Turmeric - Traditionally called Indian saffron is a spice from the dried ground rhizome of Curcuma.

Possible to use as:

  • organism cleansing
  • can be used on a daily basis for the good start of the day

Ingredients: 27 % micronized pea protein isolate, 14 % spinach powder, 14 % banana powder (banana puree, rice flour), 14 % rice syrup powder, 10 % superfood blend (chlorella powder (Chlorella vulgaris), spirulina powder (Arthrospira platensis), alfalfa powder organic (Medigo sativa), baobab powder organic (Adansonia digitata L.), barley grass powder organic, wheatgrass powder organic, moringa powder organic (Moringa oleifera), curcuma powder organic (Curcuma longa), acerola fruit powder (Malpighia)), rice protein isolate organic, 8% broccoli powder, guar gum, natural flavours, steviol-glycosides.

Each drink contains a natural source of vitamin C, which is beneficial to the human body for several reasons:

  • contributes to the production of collagen for optimal bone function
  • to reduce fatigue and exhaustion
  • supports the normal functioning of the immune system 
  • to protect cells from oxidative stress
  • supports the normal functioning of energy metabolism

Measuring scoop is included only in 900g and 1 800g packages.

Don’t know how to prepare a smoothie? Click here.

EN: Nutrition facts: 100 g serving(45 g)
Energy value 1536 kJ
364 kcal
691 kJ
164 kcal
Total fat 4 g 1,8 g
- saturated fatty acids 0,9 g 0,4 g
- monounsaturated fatty acids 0,3 g 0,1 g
- polyunsaturated fatty acids 1,4 g 0,6 g
Total carbohydrate 39 g 17,5 g
- sugars 15,4 g 6,9 g
Dietary fiber 9,2 g 4,1 g
Protein 41,3 g 18,6 g
Salt 0,7 g 0,3 g
Vitamin C 178 mg (222 % DV*) 80 mg (100 % DV*)
Vitamin A 365 μg (45 % DV*) 164 μg (20 % DV*)
Vitamin B 4,57 mg (415 % DV*) 2,05 mg (186 % DV*)
Vitamin B1 280 μg (20 % DV*) 126 μg (9 % DV*)

* DV - Daily value

Additional parameters

Category: Vegetable
Warranty: 1 year

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