Fit-day Protein Smoothie detox

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See for yourself that a detox can be a pleasant experience to look forward to. Not only is each serving of the smoothie high in a blend of veggies, fruits and superfoods, but it also delivers the daily dose of vitamin C and B.


Detailed information

Product detailed description


What is Fit-day Protein Smoothie?

Unique drink with a rich green colour that helps ease digestion. The smoothie consists of more than 45 % of a mixture of dried spinach, broccoli, banana and superfoods in organic quality, enhanced with micronized vegan protein. Therefore, in the ingredients you can find e.g. chlorella, spirulina, baobab or moringa. As a result, the smoothie has great nutritional values and a rich taste.

Because we don't believe in artificial additives, each and every one of our ingredients is all-natural and of a premium quality. You'll enjoy every sip.

Why you should choose Smoothie?

It saves time. Forget about doing the dishes, cutting up fruit and blending. Our protein smoothie is ready in under a minute and in a shaker you can take it with you anywhere.

Each serving is also filling and provides you with energy, fiber (more than 4 grams) and vitamins C, B and A.

What is the role of rice syrup?

Rice syrup powder doesn't primarily serve as a sweetener in our protein smoothies, but acts as a long-chain carbohydrate – similar to oatmeal, for example. As a result, you can enjoy a lasting feeling of satiety and a gradual release of energy. What's more, at 100 % carbohydrate, rice syrup contains only 15 % sugar, which is used up by the body along with the sugar from the fruit in the distribution of protein to the muscles.

The production process

All of our production takes place in a small village surrounded by forests near the town of Olomouc, Czechia, where we create the highest quality products with a touch of special care.

Who should choose Smoothie?

Not only for those who are planning a detox, but for everyone who lives an active life and enjoy a healthy diet. Thanks to the absence of lactose, gluten or soy, the protein smoothie is also suitable for vegans and allergy sufferers.


Does not contain any of the declarable allergens.

Suggested use:

  • detox of the organism
  • a breakfast or snack to satiate and replenish energy

Ingredients: 27 % micronized pea protein isolate, 14 % spinach powder, 14 % banana powder (banana puree, rice flour), 14 % rice syrup powder, 10 % superfood blend [chlorella powder (Chlorella vulgaris), spirulina powder (Arthrospira platensis), alfalfa powder organic (Medigo sativa), baobab powder organic (Adansonia digitata L.), barley grass powder organic, wheatgrass powder organic, moringa powder organic (Moringa oleifera), turmeric powder organic (Curcuma longa), acerola fruit powder (Malpighia)], rice protein isolate organic, 8 % broccoli powder, guar gum, natural flavours, steviol-glycosides.

Each drink contains a natural source of vitamin C, which is beneficial to the human body for several reasons. According to EU, vitamin C contributes to:

  • normal collagen formation for the normal function of bones 
  • the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • the protection of cells from oxidative stress
  • normal energy-yielding metabolism
  • the normal function of the immune system

Servings per container (serving size = 45 g):

  • 135 g package – 3 servings
  • 900 g package – 20 servings
  • 1 800 g package – 40 servings

The 900 g package includes a measuring scoop, which you can also add to your cart separately.

Not sure how to prepare a shake? Click here.


EN: Nutrition facts per: 100 g serving(45 g)
Energy value 1536 kJ
364 kcal
691 kJ
164 kcal
Total fat 4 g 1,8 g
- saturated fatty acids 0,9 g 0,4 g
- monounsaturated fatty acids 0,3 g 0,1 g
- polyunsaturated fatty acids 1,4 g 0,6 g
Total carbohydrate 39 g 17,5 g
- sugars 15,4 g 6,9 g
Dietary fiber 9,2 g 4,1 g
Protein 41,3 g 18,6 g
Salt 0,7 g 0,3 g
Vitamin C 178 mg (222 % DV*) 80 mg (100 % DV*)
Vitamin A 365 μg (45 % DV*) 164 μg (20 % DV*)
Vitamin B 4,57 mg (415 % DV*) 2,05 mg (186 % DV*)
Vitamin B1 280 μg (20 % DV*) 126 μg (9 % DV*)

* DV - Daily value

Additional parameters

Category: Green Smoothie
Warranty: 1 year
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