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We’ve combined the pleasant taste of banana with spinach to introduce the vegetable option of our quality breakfast or a quick snack. Now with the added content of acerola fruits to supply the recommended daily dose of vitamin C in each serving.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

 What is Fit-day smoothie?

Fruit and vegetable drink rich in micronized protein with fiber content. This is a combination you definitely need to try. The cocktail is unique for its creamy consistency and naturally sweet taste. Thanks to our new formula, it not only tastes like a fresh smoothie but also provides the body with a dose of vitamin C.

What are the reasons to buy Fit-day smoothie?

It’s perfect as a quality breakfast, which boosts you with energy throughout the morning. Fruit and vegetable cocktail rich in micronized protein with a balanced taste, vitamin C, and fiber content will get your attention.

Manufacturing process

The entire process takes place in a small village surrounded by forests near the town of Olomouc, where we create the highest quality products with a touch of special care.

Fit-day Smoothie is suitable for:

All the devotees of an active lifestyle. The vegetable option of long-awaited breakfast is finally here. Full of premium ingredients, creamy consistency, and unique taste.


It doesn’t contain any of the declarable allergens.

Possible to use as:

  • quality breakfast
  • quick snack

Ingredients: 32 % rice syrup powder, 24 % micronized pea protein isolate, 23 % banana powder (banana puree, rice flour), 8 % spinach powder, rice protein isolate organic, guar gum, natural flavorus, acerola fruit powder (Malpighia), steviol-glycosides.

Each drink contains a natural source of vitamin C, which is beneficial to the human body for several reasons:

  • contributes to the production of collagen for optimal bone function
  • to reduce fatigue and exhaustion
  • supports the normal functioning of the immune system 
  • to protect cells from oxidative stress
  • supports the normal functioning of energy metabolism

Measuring scoop included in the package.

Don’t know how to prepare a smoothie? Click here.

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Category: Vegetable
Warranty: 1 year
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